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Hormone Balance

Your hormones should exist in harmony with each other for optimal health and well-being. When balance is lost, you can feel off, not yourself or even miserable. Unbalanced hormones increase your risk of disease.

Thyroid and Stress

What does the thyroid do? The thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate the activity of almost every cell in your body. When your thyroid is working properly, you feel energetic, think clearly and feel upbeat. Your weight is easier to manage. Thyroid: keeps you energetic, slender and happy.


You are in control! It all boils down to lifestyle. Lifestyle components either cause or significantly contribute to our health and wellness. So how do we “age proof our health?” One of the first principles in healing is to discover the cause and aggravating factors of our illness. In functional medicine we often ask: What does your body need more of and what does in need less of:

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